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“What I love most about working with The Z Link is the speed of execution and the fact that we don’t need to have any unnecessary meetings ever! We’ve only ever had one meeting, our collaboration works seamlessly over other tools such as Slack and Google Sheets. everyone on their team is super responsive and whatever comes up gets solved straight away. They take feedback on board, they’re creative, a lot of fun to work with yet very professional.

The Z Link has solved a huge pain point for us which is regular, quality content creation for our socials! We always knew we wanted a solid, consistent social media presence, but we didn’t have the capacity nor skill in-house to properly execute our vision. The Z Link came in and took care of everything from the very first day, helping us craft the strategy as well as make it happen, so our core team can focus on building the product.”

- Ann Margit, Head of Marketing @ Soulie

“When I first started thinking about expanding the Breathscape brand to TikTok my thought was “how the heck are we going to do that?” The Z Link showed us how, and it’s been a real delight working with Erifili and her team. They’re creative, flexible, professional, and fun to work with, true collaborators through and through!”

— Robert Alexander, Co-Founder and CEO @ Breathscape

“I stumbled upon what The Z Link does when listening to a podcast on which Erifili was a guest. I contacted her after listening about the company’s unique angle of targeting Gen-Z social media users, and immediately found that, compared to other social media management agencies out there, they really understood the difference between social media of the old vs what we face today. The emphasis on true engagement, approachable and high-quality content and consistent uploading was super encouraging, and is why I chose them over all the other agencies I reached out to. I have had no regrets whatsoever since - they have been so approachable throughout our time working together, we’ve pulled really big numbers for a small page so far, and I know that every week I am going to get what I’m paying for and more. The team is super friendly and creative, and it’s always a pleasure to work with them. I can’t recommend The Z Link enough!”

— Yusuf Amanullah, Founder @ Impact Coffee